WORK FOR: Bud Light


Bud Light

for The Infinite Agency

Campaign: The Bud Light Party

Role: Content Manager, Social Media Manager

Areas of Focus: Photography, Copywriting, Event Planning

The Bud Light Party

After a rebrand, Bud Light needed a unique way to spread awareness and capture attention. Enter the Bud Light Party. We wrapped a tour bus and sent it to every major (and sub-major) city in the state of Texas, campaigning for impressions and handing out free beer. On the digital side of things, I was responsible for creating engaging, informative targeted social ads that would drive traffic to our tour stops and support our efforts to collect in-person impressions, of which we collected over half a million. This often meant coordinating with photographers, videographers, and designers from hundreds of miles away, writing copy on the fly, and keeping a tight schedule while working primarily from my phone. 

South By Silent Disco at SXSW

Part of The Bud Light Party campaign included a tour stop at Austin's SXSW. The bus had a prime spot downtown but the city's restrictions on music and alcohol left us virtually no way to draw a crowd. South By Silent Disco was a pop-up event conceived and executed in 72 hours, designed specifically to circumvent those restrictions. We forewent the product samples and instead offered passers-by noise cancelling headphones playing music spun by Texas native and South By performer Blue The Misfit. 

Content Creation

Between The Bud Light Party and our work for Bud Light's other seasonal campaigns, I amassed a few gigabytes of digital content that was eventually used for social media advertising, internal marketing and reporting, or print.