Film Dump: Septemeber 2018

I used to shoot film very infrequently. After a few rolls, that frequency dropped from “hardly” to “not at all” and half way through a roll of Portra 400, I packed up my old busted Yashica in a box of other trinkets and ceased thinking about it for the better part of three years. Over the past few months, I’ve been making an effort to be more intentional about a broad category of things in my life and a few weeks ago, that intentionality bled over into photography. I slung my camera over my shoulder on the way out the door and fired off the last 13 exposures on a hike in the Uintas. When I got the scans back, I spent hours floating around in a wave pool of nostalgia. There weren’t many photos to sift through but the ones that came back seemed to pinpoint these specific moments of my life. I could remember vividly the way that I felt when every single photo was taken. It was a poignant reminder of why I ever shot film in the first place and why I continue to take photos now.

Anyways, I pulled some of my favorite photos and dropped them below, partly in the hopes that I would be reminded to invest more time in things that are slow, intentional, mysterious, emotional, raw, vulnerable.